Visit Tucacas gives you the opportunity to meet Venezuela's beautiful beaches

Published: 07th May 2010
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It is no secret that Tourism in Venezuela, specifically its beaches, is one of the most sought after in South America. That is why they talk about Tucacas.

It's a hot little town is on the road from Valencia to Coro, this city is very close to the Morrocoy National Park, which covers an area of 32 090 hectares, consists of 12 islands that offer a unique and delightful show its kind, with a rich vegetation populated by beautiful, lush specimens of bird life: pelicans, cormorants, herons, ducks with the plume, diving ducks, flamingos, stilts and the prettiest of all the "Choir" Cora "In addition to forests mangroves, sandy beaches all handsome with white and crystal clear water.

Only 5 minutes from Tucacas, is one of the most visited National Parks and foreign tourists. Morrocoy offers multitudes of cays and beaches comparable to the most beautiful places in the Caribbean.

Its crystal clear waters home to an amazing underwater flora and fauna. The practice of water sports such as sailing, diving, water skiing or recreational boating simple, find this site an ideal setting for calm waters and canals full of mangroves, where a large variety of birds find their refuge. The park also has a good security due to the presence of the National Guard.

The development is unstoppable and built a series of projects that are transforming the local economy. Referred to residential areas with all services. For this there is a pressing need to prepare enough staff to be absorbed directly and thus can be part of progress. The economy is based primarily on tourism.

The boatmen of Tucacas up a group of people knowledgeable of his office in regard to navigation to the islands and beaches. One day Justo Guevara commented "for the National Park Morrocoy must visit, has no comparison." What he said this reminded marine is increasingly true, it is required to unify efforts to consolidate the beach tourism.

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